2005 – rioolFest (sewerFest) @Radio Netherlands (RNW) by Kathy Clugston +AUDIO

14847029_d3e2938427Hi Willem

Well the audio is available now, and for the next week, here:
MP3 Radio Feature by Radio Netherlands, broadcast June 16, 2005, during 13’52” by Kathy Clugston

Unfortunately, the web page won’t be up unti NEXT WEEK, but when it goes up, it will also have the audio on it, so it will be nice to send to other people to read and listen to (and it will be there for much longer than a week!)

will let you know when it’s ready…


Dutch Horizons goes underground this week for the world’s first ever Sewer Festival.

Music and the sounds of subway systems from all over the world are mixed into ‘soundscapes’ that are then fed onto the streets of Hilversum…through the sewers!

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