2011 – ‘SewerFest Flush’ (during IFC 2011, Hilversum)

  • May 18
    • special sewerfeatures (schedule coming up)

      ‘Sewer Flush’ in Hilversum, the Netherlands

      The media city of Hilversum staged in 2005 world first: Sewer festival! (rioolFestl)

      It’s a unique sound project that can be heard at street level from the city sewer system.


      May 18, 2011 is that Sewer festival back again. For one evening!

      We call it a ‘Sewer Flush’. … a short version of ‘rioolFest’

      It’s a ‘special’ during the ‘International Feature Conference’ (IFC) that week in May in Hilversum, where 90-100 international radio-feature-makers visit the center of Hilversum.

      From 6 till 10 pm sound will be heard coming from the drains in town center. During this four-hours period the city of Hilversum will expand in size and activity with the addition of an acoustic network, including features, and many ear-opening sounds.

      This sound project is the brainchild of sound artist Willem Davids. “The sound source, the heart of the festival, is a purpose-built speaker assembly that is placed in the sewers main pipe.

      Sounds in this pipe must travel their way out of sewer system by rising to all connected sump grates at street level. The grates act as sound speakers through the open surface water system. It’s that simple, but very out of the ordinary at the same time.“

      Media city with a special sewer system

      Willem Davids is a Hilversum radio maker. His love of sound, his craving to experiment and the character of Hilversum (city with a special storm water sewer system), are the main sources of inspiration for this project.

      Davids: ”It’s no coincidence that the festival is held in the centre of Hilversum, or rather, rising from the city centre. I live here and it’s the media city.”

      According to Davids the sound project can be experienced in different ways. “Firstly, the shopping public will be taken by surprise when they hear sounds emerging from the pavement. Or you could pause to listen around one of the many sump grates, to enjoy an imaginary grand subway station and everything that goes with it.”.

      The “Sewer Flush’ is being supported by the Hilversum Council. The Council is also providing help with technical support.

      Sound design:      Ian Yang (China)

      Technical center: Café ‘Het Wapen van Hilversum”

      Coordination:     Mediacityadviser Hilversum

      Production:         Stichting rioolFest

      Website: www.ebu.ch/ifc and http://www.rioolfest.nl


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