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2nd Sewer Festival in Hilversum (rioolFest 2006)

Hilversum, Netherlands, April 26, 2006


2nd Sewer Festival in Hilversum

The Media city of Hilversum will soon host its sewer festival for the second year in a row!
The rioolfest Open© is a unique sounds project, that uses the sewer as a medium.
Storm water drains in the city centre Groest and surrounding areas will cheer on athletes acoustically this year from 17th till 21th May 2006.

Railway carriages rumbled through Hilversum’s underground during last year’s ‘rioolFest© ’.
This year’s sewer festival will be centre staged by some major sports events.
A taste of what is on the programme
• Tour de France athletes will push their bikes under the streets of Hilversum on Thursday 18th May.
• Grand Prix Formula 1 cars take on the underground sewer circuit on the following day.
• On Saturday 20th May storm water will be frozen to allow a most gruelling iceskating race, the traditional Eleven-city-tour of Friesland, to take place acoustically.

Media city with an unusual storm water system
During the upcoming rioolfest Open© peculiar underground sounds will not spring from sump grates at street level alone.
Visitors to Gooische Brink or Gooiland underground parking buildings will miss hearing the usual restful muzak. Instead they will hear plays, soundscapes and soundsnacks.
For the first time in the history of Dutch underground parking, masses of pedestrians will outnumber cars.

The Hilversumse Filmtheater will present a line-up of breathtaking “sound movies” during the rioolfest Open©, including
• A compilation of Howard Stern’s erstwhile fiercely criticised nine-eleven radio show, broadcast in New York. (Stern forbids repeats of the broadcast, ever)
• A compilation of the broadcast on the night of 1-2 April 1982 by the Falkland Island Broadcasting Station. This was the night Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands.
Presenter Patrick Watts kept his programme on air non-stop for ten hours.
Watts will be in Hilversum during the festival to look back at one of the most legendary nights in radio history.

The rioolfest Open© will be officially opened on 17th May by the mayor of Wesel, Germany. Wesel is a city of origin for underground sounds.
A live echo link (Internet via Skype) will be kept between Wesel and Hilversum throughout the festival.

rioolfest Open© is the creation of radio artist Willem Davids.
The festival receives a warm welcome from the media city, the Hilversum City Council.
The festival is a joint effort by radio makers and sound artists from the Netherlands and many other countries.

And…the programme is spreading underground as we speak!

rioolFest a Le Bourg, Sonac, France

Hi Amy

Thanks for your message – the item will appear on the Radio Netherlands website tomorrow (Wednesday), but in the meantime the artist’s name is Willem Davids and his own website is

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From: A Bocaner
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Conversation: the sewer festival/Dutch Horizons
Subject: the sewer festival/Dutch Horizons


I’m unhappy that cities around the world today look more and more alike, with the same shops, the same restaurant franchises, and the same advertising billboards, and so on, and I don’t like the way we’re so often harassed by noise in public spaces, but somehow the Sewer Festival in Hilversum strikes me as an absolutely brilliant idea. Perhaps because it makes people more aware of their surroundings, rather than less. I can imagine people starting to look around when they hear these unexpected sounds. They probably notice the sewer grates for the first time, and they might even look at other people and maybe even smile. How ironic! Maybe they even start to wonder what other secrets their city has been keeping.

I want to thank you for a great story. I listen to the radio for hours every day and it’s mostly rather depressing stories about things I’d rather not know about. This one, however, made my day. I love hearing about creative people who get us to think in new ways about what we take for granted.

I looked for the artist’s name on your website, but didn’t find it. Thank him for me.

Amy Bocaner

Le Bourg, Sonac, France